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Mini massage

EMS foot massaged pillow fold, muscle pulse, stimulating, improved circulatory, relief, Product information Electric voltage: 3.7 volts   How to use: A -f (8 modes) 19 gears   Frequency: 1-100 Hz   Smart of the timing of working hours: 15 minutes   Directing: 35MA as a maximum   Battery capacity: 200mAh   Frequency: 1 ~ 100hz         * 100% new and high -quality product.   * Massage part: foot/back/waist/hip/leg and other parts.   * 8 methods and 19 levels: There are different density levels per mode (eavesdropping, massage, massage, pressure, eavesdropping, kneading, training, formation) users can choose a different density according to individual needs.   * Helps relieve fatigue, relax muscles, improve blood circulation and burn fat.   * Contrary to existing general massage devices that only rub outside the muscles, a massacre is used to stimulate the muscles as well, to effectively enhance blood circulation for the rapid recovery of fatigue.   * Small size, lightweight, easy to carry and store.       Instructions:   1.instal host with massage mat.   2. Attach the instrument to the area where you need to massage.   3. Press the++button to run it.   4. Click on the 'Me' button to determine the required mode.   5. Adjust the severity of the massage that suits you.Keep pressing++to increase density and `` '' to reduce the density.   Foot massage-When both feet are placed on the pillow, the foot massager massage the toe muscles to relieve pain, relax the muscles and train the muscles of the main part.It provides you with relaxation when you are tired, specifically after a hard day at work.   19 levels and 8 mediaMassage, kneading, scraping, elbow pressure, acupuncture, cupping.And19 density levels, to meet the different needs of different groups of people.Reducing ancient tension and pain by targeting muscles.   Equipment of materialsUse high -quality yoga mats, strong silicon mat material, resistant to wear, and non -slip and durable.Foot muscles insulation machine technology protection layer.   Lightweight and easy to carry-A lightweight, foldable, rechargeable electric electric, foldable, rechargeable.An electric massage can be used anywhere in the office, open air and other places.Foot massage can be carried anywhere for immediate relief.   Broad-The introduction of massacres is very suitable for people who love outdoor sports or people in long -term work, can effectively relieve pain.Massage platforms are also suitable for people whose feet are often cold and the leg muscles are ulcers.  ..
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