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EMS foot massaged pillow fold, muscle pulse, stimulating, improved circulatory, relief, Product information Electric voltage: 3.7 volts   How to use: A -f (8 modes) 19 gears   Frequency: 1-100 Hz   Smart of the timing of working hours: 15 minutes   ..
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Music function function Control mode: computer Model type: y06 Applicable parts: head, neck, waist, hip, leg, back and foot The right time for the 2020 market Additional functions: built into the loudspeaker Massage principle: vibration, magnetic, hot pressure, air pressure Mass..
Ex Tax:SR.25,000.00
feature: >Pain and cramps due to the bruises of the Monkel, >It helps to flow and edema in a swollen area >The thick rouxel is connective and fabric >Reducing the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles >Increase joint navigation >Eliminate muscle fatigue   Spec..
Ex Tax:SR.165.00
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